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Nexwall Modular Concrete panels are designed to be adaptable to almost any construction application needing a lightweight and durable wall. Due to the efficiencies gained in pre-fabricating the panels at our manufacturing plant, Nexwall is a cost-effective method for projects ranging from screens, warehouses, and safe rooms, to shopping centers, multi-story buildings, high rises or designs requiring architectural specifications.


Panel sizes range from 1.5’x3’ up to 9’x12’ and weigh 25 pounds per square foot (psf). Color options begin with standard plain gray concrete or can be customized with integral color concretes or colored architectural aggregates. Custom orders may also use formliners, half inch reveals, inlays and more. 


Nexwall panels utilize a PATENTED Channel to reinforce the concrete.  The Channel allows for efficient reinforcement, attachment, and handling of the panels. A layer of galvanized mesh is centered in the 2" dimension of the concrete making it strong enough to pass the Florida hurricane codes and lightweight enough to be installed by hand in its smallest configurations. When larger panels are used a boom lift, telehandler, or boom truck are necessary for installation. With standard steel stud frames or metal girts, installers may use self-tapping screws to directly attach the Nexwall channel to these elements. Various brackets can also be easily adapted.

Nexwall Panels are manufactured at Omega Concrete Systems, an APA Certified precaster in Kansas City and are available to ship within the contiguous USA. We look forward to working with you on your project. Please contact us for more information.

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